Here we go! New designs which are a 'beta' type so you can change them to what company or organization, maybe the colour skeem that would suet you and let us design it.

We come up with design ideas very often so look out for us on twitter and get a glimpse of the latest type.

If you would like a site but see nothing to interest you or you know what you want. Then we have to talk - Local then a talk and a coffee in town.

We will give you an email to the link when we've designed your front/home page maybe unless it needs your input. We put you on our bar when we're working on it xxx and put it on twitter as well (unless you say not to). It will link on our home page and

If you're facing an inspiration block then go to the guy at the bottom of this page 'Horrible Logos' I bet you'll like the site and it's a good way to get rid of brain block.

If you like what you see then tells us.

Prices for designs range. click on the skateboard below and you'll get an idea of the price we go up to.