So we create website all for a skateboard (and other things).

We do it so it's easy for you to get along with your place on the world wide web like change the text or not. The thing is, once your one of us, we will help you whatever you do (but nothing dirty).

Saving money is our aim, that's for you not us and for newbies an uncomplicated time. Everything else you worry about, you can write and tell us about.

For a Bath resident we can deal in a different way and I'll go on to that later...

For those with a . Do you have a space rented as in some number of megs on a server then all you need is web site design and your ready to go.

Just two questions, is it an FTP or some program like Frontpage or Dreamweaver and you've used it before?

"Got some megs & I'm OK with the FTP"(or program) then ace, it really will be easy! If not then you'll have us office hours (GMT) and some help web-pages that's really easy to understand, you know inlc photo's & stuff.

For those of you with just an email too ya!

Well then YOU need to get a (we don't like names, you keep them). Here's a good site at the bottom of this page and it's green. Then get back to us.

For those who are tick off with their current host/server then the link Fat Cow is good, it's green, it's a marvellous hosting machine.

For those of you that's going try us. You will get a memory disk with Your website the whole thing including Photoshop docs. That's a must when it's done!

For those of you with an but no space for a website we can host the site on our site but its gonna cost. OK not so much and it's for personnel sites not business. So you can have the space for £20 a year. The first year is free.

For everyone it's easy...we like to take life easy so... We'll talk... say on a design you liked but... We will go off and get the image/website titled and coloured to the way you like, or varies'll get a link at the bottom of our Home page...We then have to talk and update you then on...maybe put the updates on twitter if you like. It is you who provide the all text & photo's.

For those people near by we'll go for a coffee or something like that and look out for longboarders at nights.

It's good to meet whether if it's for you, present or business it's nice to meet you.

Giving time it's done, I will send you the site both on email and the Royal Mail (a memory disk and a hug of your site) with a copy on a hard drive that I have so you have a back up if all goes wrong.

All for a Skateboard.

Oh yea, will take other payments or swappies.

But we can't do commerce sites.

We come up with design ideas very often so look out for us on twitter.

If you have any questions about anything then email