It's a marvellous way to get a name on-line and a greener way to do it. A website for a skateboard, well a longboard if you don't mind.

On-line 24 hours a day for the whole world to see. Advertising for a business, personal blogging, celebrate an engagement or even put your C.V. on-line, it's up to you.

We make/design websites and love longboarding so why not put the two together and it'll save you money, not bad eh?

Now we know how to get you on-line and we know that companies charge one hell of a price to do it.

Well we're not that sort of people.

If you have a or not, it's really easy just ask us.

Just have a look around our site and email, skype or phone us and we'll talk about it.

And the answer to life, the Universe and everything? is...